Ray Coin Limited

Investment Plans

3% For 70 Daily
  • Principal: Included
  • Total Return: 210%
  • Minimum Deposit: 1 USD
  • Maximum Deposit: 2499 USD
3.5% For 70 Daily
  • Principal: Included
  • Total Return: 245%
  • Minimum Deposit: 2500 USD
  • Maximum Deposit: 100.000 USD
4% For 70 Daily
  • Principal: Included
  • Total Return: 280%
  • Minimum Deposit: 5.000 USD
  • Maximum Deposit: 9.999 USD
10% For 70 Daily
  • Principal: Included
  • Total Return: 700%
  • Minimum Deposit: 10.000 USD
  • Maximum Deposit: 100.000 USD

For implementation of the program of construction and technical equipment of the cryptocurrency mining farms Ray Coin Limited is engaged in attracting funds not only from partner companies, but also individuals. To facilitate the understanding of the proposed investment strategy, the company offers the best and easy to understand options for placement of funds. Depending on your goals and the amount of your deposit investment terms are subject to change.

The main operating currency of company is Bitcoin. Activity of Ray Coin Limited is not limited by launching of mining centers, company experts conduct trading on the international crypto exchanges: Bitstamp, BTC-e and Kraken. This contributes to a better safety of funds, as well as additional revenue in the form of trading results. After the sale of the required amount of financial assets the money is coming at the disposal of construction contractors, managers of company development and technical provision.

Our easy cooperation attracts many investors. Ray Coin Limited has only one investment plans for a period of 70 calendar days.

A long investment period has low requirements for deposit. You can become company investor under this plan with amount of 1 USD. Within the next 70 calendar days from the adding of your deposit your total return will be 210%. You are able to withdraw the profit every day just after its accrual.

The investment period of 70 days is for business partners of the company, which we regard as our future potential shareholders. Total refund will be 245% if you choose this plan. The minimum deposit for 70 days is 2.500 USD.

More investment more profit!

4% For 70 Daily Minimum Deposit: 5.000 USD and 10% For 70 Daily Minimum Deposit: 10.000 USD

Your profit on an account balance appears every 24 hours from the inception of the deposit.