Ray Coin Limited


Bitcoin payment system update - Oct-20-2016 10:15:09 PM

Bitcoin our payment system is undergoing improvements. We apologize for arriving late payments. Faster payment is being made to update the system.

Pay attention to the fake accounts - Oct-17-2016 10:33:46 AM

We accept money through the website we just. Be careful with fake accounts to cheat. Make payment through the website only for investment.

Payment period update - Oct-13-2016 06:26:46 PM

Hello dear investors.
We are having difficulties with our payment systems with payments instant intensity.
For this reason, each day the payments are no longer one-time manual will be made.
Thank you for your attention.

The minimum withdrawal limit 1 USD ! - Oct-3-2016 09:19:52 AM

Hello dear investors. The minimum withdrawal limit is $ 1.